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Two of our draw tipsters were the brains behind the successes of other draw prediction sites you may know.They have now come tome together under BetTaka.com to join other knowledgeable tipsters.


We predict and send out just 2 or 3 draw tips everyday, and that has enabled our members to win more consistently. We limit it to this 2 or 3 games to ensure we don’t expose our members to risky bets.


Despite the higher success rate of our draw picks, our prices are still affordable. However, as we get more members, we will increase our prices so we don’t saturate the bets which can lead to reduced odds prices.

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Full time Draw Prediction Site

BetTaka.com is a full time draw prediction site dedicated to providing you with the best full time draw betting tips with reasonable but safe odds and predictions for winning in sports betting.This is the reason we are regarded as the best draw prediction site.

We provide premium VIP picks as well as free picks daily for Football (soccer) games. Our goal is to help you win money at sportsbooks! using our well-researched. If you were searching for the best site for draw prediction, just stop your search.

Get our free bets or move straight to our VIP pricing page to select a premium package and start betting to win with ft draws today with our reliable sports betting prediction website.

4 Draws Football Tips

The first full-time draw always seems to be the easiest to predict. Using free football prediction sites, punters may luckily pick their 1st draw football tips and win after placing the draw bet.

However, the 2nd draw football tips is where things start getting interesting. After the initial success, bettors tend to return to same soccer prediction website a second time. But as it always the case, the sites somehow mix things up. The strategy that got you the initial win fails subsequently in most cases. We don’t know why this is so, but it always happens. This is why serious bettors stick with VIP draw prediction tipsters.

3rd draw football tips

If you really want to make serious money betting on football, you need to pick the right fill-time draw games. That’s not always very easy. Sometimes you may pick a soccer game that looks really good on paper, but it actually ends up being a fulltime disaster.

With BetTaka.com, our experienced tipsters know the secrets to draw prediction. Having worked many years in the football draw prediction niche, we know what to look for before picking a game that will likely end in a draw at full-time.

4 Draws football tips

Whether you go for the 3 sure draws prediction or the 4 draws football tips today, you are assured of not being disappointed with the hand picked full time draws. Its the best winning combination. And you can confirm this by checking out our past draw betting results archive history.

100% Draw Prediction

If you are searching for 100 draw prediction for betting, realize that you are not alone. A lot of others just like you are searching for the exact same source for ft draw tips. By visiting BeyTaka.com, you have come closest to where you can get these ft draw tips.

Understand that the bookmaker applies statistical analysis in sports betting, particularly in football betting, to determine the possibility of specific occurrences occurring. The huge data they have is what you, the ordinary bettor will hardly get.

Luckily, we also have access to most of the data that the bookies also have, and more. There are some black hat underground methods and connections we have that helps us in selecting winning draw picks consistently. That is the closest you will ever get in quest for draws fulltime 100%.

Ft Draw Tips

Betting on Ft draw tips is a technique in which you wager on a football game ending in a draw at full time. By placing bets on football matches, you can use this strategy to earn money online.

How does ft draw bets work?

The first step is to find a trustworthy draw picks provider like BetTaka.com who offers draw betting tips. They have years of experience picking football draws, making them masters in the field.

You need to sign up for the premium VIP plan with BetTaka tipster if you need reliable and consistent winning with their ft draw tips. They will start sending you their daily FT draws as soon as you join up.

How Football Draw Prediction Works

A draw prediction n soccer is when both teams are predicted to finish their football game in a tie. A draw prediction is considered true if the match between the two teams ends in a tie after 90 minutes.

How often does the draw affect the result?

In the Premier League, the draw influences the outcome roughly 1% of the time. The draw influences the ultimate result of the FA Cup around 2% of the time.

How precise is the draw?

Several factors influence the accuracy of the draw. To begin, the number of matches played by the teams in the draw. Second, the caliber of the competition that the teams participating in the draws encountered. Finally, there are the weather circumstances. Fourth, there are the refereeing decisions. Finally, consider the pitch’s quality.

Sure Draw Bet

The Sure Draw bet is an excellent option to bet on sports without worrying about the outcome. Simply select the projected draw options and deposit your wager. You get paid if they draw. There is no work required, only a chance to earn money with our highly accurate draw picks!

Best Draw Prediction Site

Without a doubt, BetTaka.com can be said to be the best draw prediction site in the world. This fact can be verified by comparing past draw prediction results of BetTaka with past draws from other tipsters.

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