BetTaka Revised Increasing Staking System for Betting on Draws

Due to the high odds associated with full time draw bets, bettors are all searching for ways to make as much money as they can with the draws. Recently, reworked a popular betting system known as Martingale betting strategy to come up with something even better for its members.

In this article, we will explain to you what the bettaka revised increasing betting system (a revision of chasing the draw) means and how to use it to win more with draw predictions from bettaka draw tipsters.

What is Increasing Betting System?

Otherwise known as Martingale betting system, it involves doubling your losing bets until you win. So, if you bet $20 and win, you set that money aside and bet another $20. If you lose your first bet of $20, you will bet $40 on the next bet. If that bet loses, you’d bet $80 on the following bet, and so on until you theoretically recoup all of your losses while maintaining your initial $20 profit.

Then you repeat the process with another $20 original stake, keeping all $20 bet wins and only doubling after losses incured ealier.

While this sounds good, it becomes scary when you have a long losing streak ??????. It may bankrupt skaters if not properly done using the right draw predictions or fixed draw games.

What is Revised Increasing Betting System by

The strategy is a betting method of chasing a draw, this system is all about recovering any losses plus making a profit at same time. However, it reduces the disadvantages of the martingale system

You need a sizable bankroll and some nerves of steel to be comfortable with chasing the draw. But solved these major drawbacks of martingale system ingeniously.

Who is filltime draw prediction tipsters?

BetTaka is a full tile draw prediction tipster website who concentrate on predicting ft draw tips for its member and visitors.

They have quickly frown from their humble beginning due to their high win strike rate and their intuitive draw staking method which they pioneered. Read more about BetTaka here.

How the Revised Increasing Staking System by BetTaka works

With their Revised Increasing Staking System, did 2 main things that greatly changed the risks associated with chasing the draw:

1. They created a betting calculator which you can use to be 100% sure of what you are getting into. With the BetTaka calculator, you can decide the amount you want to win and the calculator will tell you the exact amount to stake, based on the odds being offered by your preferred bookmaker.

While the original chasing the draw martingale system simply tells you to double your stake after every loss, you can actual find out that you don’t need to double your stake. You may need to stake additional 60 to 90% of your lost stake instead of 100%.

2. BetTaka also enables its members to bet using their highly accurate full-time draw predictions. Combining these 2 ensures maximum wins with less losses for bettors .

Difference Between Martingale and BetTaka Revised Draw Staking Method

The major difference between martingale staking system and the bettaka revised increasing betting system is that:

  • With Martingale system, you double your stake after every bet, while with BetTaka system, you may not necessarily do that; rather you use their calculator and input the odds for the next game to get the amount to stake while still arriving at your desired profit.
  • The Bettaka system seems a lot safer when paired with draw predictions from due to their high strike winning rate.

So next time when you need to back the draw, ensure to use the BetTaka revised increasing betting system, rather than just the martingale.

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