Betting on Draw Strategy – How to Back the Draw and Win

Despite the fact that draws account for around 25% of total football results, betting on draw strategy is one of the most underutilized sports betting techniques in the football gambling industry. So, what exactly is the value of betting on a football draws? And what should you remember when using the betting system?

If you approach betting on the draw correctly, you have the opportunity to profit big. The odds of fulltime draw are frequently overstated, and certain clubs and leagues have a proclivity for producing draws. In addition, there are times when a draw is the most likely outcome.Continue reading to find out more.

What is the draw betting strategy?

Betting on draws in football, as the name suggests, includes betting on the ultimate result of a match being a draw. This is a frequently ignored wager.

Another strategy for backing the draw is to wait until the action has begun and then look for higher odds on the draw during the match.

Some people pick a team that they believe will draw many of their matches over the season and bet on a draw in every game.

Betting on a ‘draw’ means that if you pick the winning wager, you will triple your stake and end up with a sizable profit rather than just covering your prior loss or earning ‘peanuts’ for your efforts.

Is betting on draws profitable?

Yes, you can make real good money betting on draws if you use the right strategy and the right ft draw predictions. If you place draw bets on 3 draws at odds of around 3/1 and only win one, you will still be in the black.

There are different strategies used by different people which to us at BetTaka amount to wild guesses. These draw prediction methods, on the other hand, could be useful when selecting matches that could finish in a draw.

Indeed, the time between when bookmakers release initial odds on a specific soccer game and when the game begins allows you to evaluate all possible outcomes of the event by analyzing the odds movement.

How to Bet on Draws with the Loss Progressions

There are different ways to place draw bets,and each has its merits and demerits. Ket us look into each method.

but the most rewarding method to stake on draws according to our findings is to use the Revised Increasing Staking System. This is a modified way of using the age long Martingale betting strategy.

1. Backing the Draw System

One technique for draw betting is to back the draw system. The concept is straightforward. Because punters and football fans are more willing to gamble on winning teams, less money is wagered on draws. This means that bookmakers increase the odds for draws.

While the true odds on a draw are closer to 2/1 (or even lower), the lack of bets increased the odds to around 3/1. As previously indicated, if you bet on three draws with odds close to 3/1 and only win one of them, you will still be in profit.

2. Betting on Draw/Odd Total

This is similar to Dutching or arbitrage betting. For the one hand, you bet on a tie, and on the other, you bet on an odd (rather than an even) score. Because a tie is always an even score, you are guaranteed to win.

Of course, whether or not this method works is determined by the odds. Most bookmakers’ odds are designed to prevent this from happening. Nonetheless, you can occasionally locate possibilities by shopping around between different bookmakers.

3. The 2 out of 5 System

The 2 out of 5 method is basically an accumulator or system bet approach. You selected five games that are likely to result in a draw. Rather than betting on those five matches individually, you put a system bet on all the combinations.

To make a profit, you just need two out of every five accurate matches, as the name says. This typically works if the odds for your selections are greater than 23/10 (which is normal for draws) or higher.

4. Chasing a Draw (Martingale strategy with draw)

This is a sophisticated form of draw betting . It is also known as Chasing a draw or Martingale approach. Originally, this method recommended doubling your wagers until you won.

The concept is that when you eventually win, you not only recover all of your losses, but you also make a profit.

The original system, however, has limits. Your bankroll is not endless, and if you choose the wrong draw tips and lose a long enough streak without a draw, you will run out of money.

This brings us to the next method which essentially is a modified method of the Martingale system, and it was made popular by

5. BetTaka Revised Increasing Staking System for Staking

Just like the Martingale strategy of chasing a draw, this system is all about recovering any losses plus making a profit at same time. However, it reduces the disadvantages of the martingale system

As stated above, you need a big bankroll and some nerves of steel to be comfortable with chasing the draw. But solved these major drawbacks of martingale system ingeniously.

How the Revised Increasing Staking System by

With their Revised Increasing Staking System, did 2 main things that greatly changed the risks associated with chasing the draw:

1. They created a betting calculator which you can use to be 100% sure of what you are getting into. With the BetTaka calculator, you can decide the amount you want to win and the calculator will tell you the exact amount to stake, based on the odds being offered by your preferred bookmaker.

While the original chasing the draw martingale system simply tells you to double your stake after every loss, you can actual find out that you don’t need to double your stake. You may need to stake additional 60 to 90% of your lost stake instead of 100%.

2. BetTaka also enables its members to bet using their highly accurate full-time draw predictions. Combining these 2 ensures maximum wins with less losses for bettors .

How do you predict draws in football betting?

The greatest draw prediction method is to examine the odds before placing your wager. The more you bet on draws and the less you bet on winners, the more money you stand to win.

There are numerous criteria that must be considered when predicting football match draws. To forecast a football match draw, you must examine if both teams will score.

Another way is to look at the Expected Goals (or xG). This is the number of goals that each team is realistically expected to score in the match.

Also, some people use Head-2-Head previous meetings between the 2 teams to determine the likely draw match.

However, the best way to predict football draws is to depend on full time draw prediction site like

However, from our findings, the best way to predict football draws is to depend on full time draw prediction site like They not only save you time and hassles, but their result history is phenomenal.

With their almost perfect draw predictions, backed with their betting calculator, you stand the best chance of winning draw bets.

Football Teams ranked according to most Full Time Draws

Rubin Kazan
Union Berlin
Athletic Bilbao
Las Palmas
San Lorenzo
San Martin Tucuman
Dinamo Moskva
AGF Aarhus
Sturm Graz
Colon Santa Fe

Betting on Draws FAQs

Here are the most common questions that bettors ask about betting on draws

How frequently do football games end in 0 – 0?

0 – 0 is frequently the most despised score among football supporters. There is normally one 0 – 0 result for every 12 to 13 games played in the top five European leagues. This equates to around 8% of games ending in 0 – 0.

What proportion of football matches end in a draw?

The chances of a draw vary depending on the league. Here are a few samples from the 2019-2020 school year:

  • EPL has a 24.20% share,
  • League 1 has a 28.10% share,
  • Champions League has a 24.40% share,
  • Serie A has a 23.20% share,
  • and the Bundesliga has a 23% share.

Which league has the most draws?

The lower the league, in general, the more draws there are. For example, the Bundesliga had 23% of its games drawn in 2019-2020, whereas the Bundesliga 2 had 31.80% of its games drawn in the same year. The EPL had 24.20% draws that year, while League 1 had 28.10%. The Uruguay Primera has the most draws in 2019-2020, with a massive 54.17% draw percentage!


Betting on draws can be a good betting strategy, but because draws are unpopular among football fans, they are unlikely to bet on them. Nonetheless, this implies you can uncover a lot of value because it increases the bookies’ odds on their outcome. You should take advantage of these high odds and win more money by depending on full-time draw predictions from tipsters such as

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