How to Win $2,730 Monthly with Draw Betting and IBS

I’m about to demonstrate the only surefire method known to man for continuously winning $2,730 per month in draw betting utilizing only our consistently trustworthy soccer betting picks for draws. It’s the only surefire way to outwit the oddsmakers. The amount of money our members have made utilizing our sports betting technique is unmatched by any other soccer betting strategy.

We are discussing adopting a draw betting technique to consistently win at soccer betting. In sports betting, the odds for draws typically exceed three. 3 odds on only one game is staggering!

This is based on the assumption that stakes are only placing $20 on a game. Therefore, for those punters who have the means to wager $30, $40, $50, or more, you should be aware that your chances of winning will increase dramatically.

Every other soccer betting strategy has a lot higher risk than betting on a draw. You are aware of this, for sure. But picking the draws is where the difficulty lies. You can join the select few who can outwit the bookmakers if you can develop a method that consistently selects winning draws day after day.

Welcome to, a soccer betting prediction site renowned for consistently predicting draws over an extended period of time. We have regularly offered our members 42 draws per month on average. We accomplish this by combining a top-secret draw-picking method with arithmetic, expertise, and other factors. We at exclusively forecast soccer matches, in contrast to soccer betting sites in the USA that also make predictions for American Football games.


You have no excuse not to win large when you combine our approach with the Increasing Betting System (IBS). The IBS is a special betting strategy that returns both your expected winnings and any losses.

Here is how it works. In the extremely unlikely event that you lose, you will increase your subsequent wager by 1.5 times your previous stake.

You keep doing it in this manner until you succeed. When you win, your stake amount resets to what it was at the beginning. This way, even if one of our draw predictions doesn’t work out, you’ll still be certain to make money in the following step or two.

We have developed our strategies and approaches throughout the years and months as a result of our extensive experience in predicting draws in soccer. As a result, our losing streak has significantly decreased. For you, we already paid the price.

Lets assume you set off with a stake of $20, leys take a graphical look at how it will work out then:
1st Bet – $20 = Lost
2nd Bet – $30 ($20 x 1.5) = Lost
3rd Bet – $45 ($30 x 1.5) = Lost
4th Bet – $68 ($45 x 1.5) = Won
5th Bet – $20

You can see from our betting history that our system has developed into a reliable one. No other sports betting technique can consistently produce such winnings in a month.

That is why only a select few have access to our draw picks. Elite here refers to serious gamblers rather than just millionaires. With continuous winnings, our strategy will turn VIP members who bet on soccer into millionaires.


Numerous websites exist in the soccer betting prediction industry that guarantee high odds through accumulator bets. However, keep in mind that your odds of winning are significantly diminished whenever you add up games as in acca. There simply are no other options.

To calculate soccer betting statistics that will ultimately win in soccer betting, it takes more than just an understanding of football/soccer or supporting a club. The complicated calculations we perform in the background allow us to consistently produce winning draw picks. We give you the option to profit from our winning streak for a small price.

Because it’s been claimed that bookies infiltrate social media platforms like soccer betting Reddit to provide incorrect suggestions that result in losses, some of these platforms have gained popularity for the wrong reasons. Join our VIP membership today to receive winning draw soccer betting picks.

To become one of the select few that routinely outperform the bookmakers and everyday smile to the bank, CLICK HERE

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