Frequently Asked Questions about Draw Betting

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions that people like you ask in relation with betting with draw tips and our website

Where is Your Betting History?

You can see our updated betting history by CLICKING HERE

What are your VIP Prices and Where can I join?

You can see our complete VIP membership prices and how to pay by CLICKING HERE

How many Games do you send in a day and at what time?

We send 2 or 3 full time draw tips daily. From our experience, this is the optimal number of draws that can be predicted. Anything more is either taking risks or known fixed games.

We realize it will take you some time to decide what to stake between the time each game concludes and the time the next game begins, that’s why we ensure there is enough time between games.

The night before the game date, we send out the tips. The games for 21th, for instance, will be sent on the evening of the 20th. We deliver every game at once with a clear indication of when it will start.

How do I stake with Draw Bets?

Use the increasing stakes strategy to wager.

With this strategy, even if you lose a few bets, you will definitely win them all back.

Whenever you lose a betting using the increasing Stake Method, you multiply your next stake by 1.5X for the subsequent bet.

For instance, if you wager $30 and lose, you would wager $45 in your next bet ($30 x 1.5).

This is the simple way to beat the bookies using our most reliable draw predictions.

What should my wager be?

Starting with a smaller stake that you can sustain up to seven losses is something we strongly advise you do. You’ll still generate a respectable profit.

Simply ask yourself, “Will I still have enough money to wager at the next game if I lose 7 straight games? Keep in mind that you must double each stake by 1.5 times.

Do we offer free Draw tips?

Though we offer free betting tips in our Telegram Channel, but we do so at our discretion, not on demand.

Any email that requests free advice will be deleted. Since we have serious subscribers and intending subscribers, we don’t have much time to respond to such time-wasting antics.

Hoe Secure are your Payment Platforms?

All our payment options are highly secure:

Credit Card: Because our business is sports betting related, we use a third party to process most payments. Our partner use Paystack to process credit and debit cards. Paystack is owned by Stripe, the largest credit card processor in the world.

Bitcoin: We use Coinbase, the worlds number 1 crypto merchant site, they are very secure.

Africa: In Africa, we use Flutterwave to process most local mobile money wallets and bank cards


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